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The final stage of the collapse of a cavitation bubble near a rigid wall
During the collapse of an initially spherical cavitation bubble near a rigid wall, a reentrant jet forms from the side of the bubble farthest from the wall. This re-entrant jet impacts and penetratesExpand
On the nonspherical collapse and rebound of a cavitation bubble
The behavior of a cavitation bubble adjacent to a rigid wall is studied numerically with the boundary integral method described in Zhang, Duncan, and Chahine [J. Fluid Mech. 257, 147 (1993)]. In theExpand
Numerical Simulation and Validation Study of Wetdeck Slamming on High Speed Catamaran
Abstract : This paper presents a numerical simulation method for predicting the wetdeck slamming of a high-speed catamaran. The numerical simulation method is built upon the framework of the LargeExpand
Abstract The interaction between a growing and collapsing bubble and two types of compliant structures is explored numerically. The fluid motion is modelled as a potential flow and computed using aExpand
Simulation of plunging wave impact on a vertical wall
We present a numerical study of the impact of a two-dimensional plunging wave on a rigid vertical wall in the context of potential flow. The plunging wave impinging the wall is generated using aExpand
The Effect of Colored Noise on the Coordinate Time Series Analysis of Continuous GPS Stations in Antarctic Peninsula
Recent researches show not only white noise but also colored noise widely existed in various continuous GPS station coordinate time series, and the colored noise also has an important influence onExpand
Application of a Quadratic Boundary Element Method to Ship Hydrodynamic Problems
This paper describes the implementation and application of a Quadratic Boundary Element Method (QBEM) to the 3-D, time domain potential flow solution of ship-wave hydrodynamic interaction problems.Expand
Investigation of the Horizontal Drifting Effects on Ships With Forward Speed
This paper is concerned with the horizontal drifting effects on ships moving with forward speed in waves. The ship configurations can be a single or multiple ships operating alongside one another. InExpand
Validation of Numerical Predictions of the Impact Forces and Hydrodynamics of a Deep-V Planing Hull
Abstract : The focus of this paper is to describe and document a recent effort to assess these numerical codes for the prediction of deep-V planing craft hydrodynamic forces and moments and evaluateExpand