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Pt-sputtering-like NiCo2S4 counter electrode for efficient dye-sensitized solar cells
Abstract A facile method is developed to prepare NiCo 2 S 4 counter electrode (CE) which is in-situ grown on SnO 2 : F transparent conductive glass (FTO) with mirror-like smooth surface. AsExpand
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Naloxone and [Met5]enkephalin effects on retention: attenuation by adrenal denervation.
This study investigated the effect of posttraining administration (i.p.) of naloxone and [Met5]enkephalin on retention in intact and adrenal-denervated mice. Naloxone (0.3 mg/kg) enhanced andExpand
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Preparation of antigastric cancer monoclonal antibody MGb2-mitomycin C conjugate with improved antitumor activity.
In the present study, an antigastric cancer monoclonal antibody, MGb2, was chosen to prepare antibody-mitomycin C conjugate with dextran T-40 as intermediary. Up to 20 molecules of mitomycin C wereExpand
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[Effects of chloroquine on insulin sensitivity in insulin-resistant rats].
OBJECTIVE To investigate the mechanism of chloroquine improving insulin sensitivity. METHODS The changes in insulin sensitivity and the effects of chloroquine were observed in insulin-resistantExpand
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Enhanced antitumor activity of daunomycin conjugated with antigastric cancer monoclonal antibody MGb2.
In the present study, an antigastric cancer monoclonal antibody, MGb2, was chosen to prepare an antibody-daunomycin conjugate. Daunomycin was modified by cis-aconitic anhydride, and the derivativeExpand
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[Diffusion-weighted imaging characteristics of uterine leiomyomas with different pathological subtypes at 3.0 T].
OBJECTIVE To investigate the imaging features of uterine leiomyomas with different pathological subtypes on DWI. METHODS Clinical records and MR images of pathologically confirmed uterineExpand
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[Effect on animal tumors and toxicity of lycobetaine acetate (author's transl)].
Lycobetaine, a derivative of lycorine, is a new type of antitumor drug. When lycobetaine acetate (AT-1840) was given ip to mice and rats inoculated with Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, ascites hepatoma,Expand
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Bilayer TiO2 Photoanode Consisting of Microspheres and Pyramids with Reinforced Interface Connection and Light Utilization for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Abstract TiO 2 pyramids with planar-surface morphology presenting in the phases of anatase and brookite are successfully prepared, the height of which is 300-500 nm and 80-200 nm wide at the bottom.Expand
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[Effects of 8 antitumor drugs against the growth of human lung adenocarcinoma (LAX-83) transplanted under the kidney capsule of nude mice].
Nude mice, inoculated with LAX 83 in bilateral subrenal capsules, were used in experimental therapy with 8 antitumor drugs. Treatment was initiated 2 d after tumor inoculation. All the drugs were ipExpand
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[An interpretation of the AASLD practice guideline on the diagnosis and management of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in 2017].
  • Y. Nan, N. Fu, +6 authors L. Cui
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  • Zhonghua gan zang bing za zhi = Zhonghua…
  • 20 September 2017
The American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) updated and published the Practice Guidance for the Diagnosis and Management of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) in July 2017,Expand
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