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Statistical models of fracture
We present an overview of the results obtained with lattice models of the fracture in which a network of elastic beams, bonds, or electrical fuses are subject to an increasing external load. Expand
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Dislocation Avalanches, Strain Bursts, and the Problem of Plastic Forming at the Micrometer Scale
Under stress, many crystalline materials exhibit irreversible plastic deformation caused by the motion of lattice dislocations. In plastically deformed microcrystals, internal dislocation avalanchesExpand
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How self-organized criticality works: A unified mean-field picture
We present a unified dynamical mean-field theory, based on the single site approximation to the master-equation, for stochastic self-organized critical models. In particular, we analyze in detail theExpand
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Avalanche and spreading exponents in systems with absorbing states.
We present generic scaling laws relating spreading critical exponents and avalanche exponents (in the sense of self-organized criticality) in general systems with absorbing states. Using theseExpand
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Signature of effective mass in crackling-noise asymmetry
Crackling noise is a common feature in many dynamic systems1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, the most familiar instance of which is the sound made by a sheet of paper when crumpled into a ball. Although seeminglyExpand
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Life-support system benefits from noise
Mechanical ventilators are used to provide life support for patients with respiratory failure. But over the long term, these machines can damage the lungs, causing them to collapse and the partialExpand
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Paths to self-organized criticality
We present a pedagogical introduction to self-organized criticality (SOC), unraveling its connections with nonequilibrium phase transitions. There are several paths from a conventional critical pointExpand
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Intermittent dislocation flow in viscoplastic deformation
The viscoplastic deformation (creep) of crystalline materials under constant stress involves the motion of a large number of interacting dislocations. Analytical methods and sophisticatedExpand
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Dynamics of a ferromagnetic domain wall: Avalanches, depinning transition, and the Barkhausen effect
We study the dynamics of a ferromagnetic domain wall driven by an external magnetic field through a disordered medium. The avalanchelike motion of the domain walls between pinned configurationsExpand
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Universality beyond power laws and the average avalanche shape
Power-law scaling of critical phenomena has been most powerful for predictions near a critical point. By averaging the noise emitted by avalanches of a given duration, however, universal scalingExpand
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