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The sublime object of ideology
In this provocative and original work, Slavoj Zizek takes a look at the question of human agency in a postmodern world. From the sinking of the Titanic to Hitchcock's Rear Window, from the operas ofExpand
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The ticklish subject : the absent centre of political ontology
By focusing on the Cartesian subject, this text explores ways in which to reformulate the politics of the Left in the area of global capitalism. In the process, the author touches on the work ofExpand
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The plague of fantasies
This volume posits that the current epoch is plagued by fantasies. There is an intensifying antagonism between the ever greater abstraction of people's lives - whether in the form of digitalizationExpand
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Violence : six sideways reflections
Zizek argues that the physical violence we see is often generated by the systemic violence that sustains our political and economic systems. With the help of eminent philosophers like Marx, Engel andExpand
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The politics of aesthetics : the distribution of the sensible
In his forward, Ranci re (aesthetics and politics emeritus, U. de Paris VIII) states his concern is for aesthetic acts that create new approaches to sense perception and political subjectivity.Expand
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Philosophy in the Present
Editor's Preface Alain Badiou Thinking the Event Thesis 1: Thought is the proper medium of the universal. Thesis 2: Every universal is singular, or is a singularity. Thesis 3: Every universalExpand
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Looking Awry: An Introduction to Jacques Lacan through Popular Culture
Slavoj ?i?ek, a leading intellectual in the new social movements that are sweeping Eastern Europe, provides a virtuoso reading of Jacques Lacan. ?i?ek inverts current pedagogical strategies toExpand
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Living in the end times
The underlying premise of the book is a simple one: the global capitalist system is approaching an apocalyptic zero-point. Its four riders of the apocalypse are the ecological crisis, theExpand
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In defense of lost causes
Is global emancipation a lost cause? Are universal values outdated relics of an earlier age? In this combative major new work, philosophical sharpshooter Slavoj A iA ek takes on the reigning ideologyExpand
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Welcome to the Desert of the Real!
Alain Badiou identified as the key feature of the XXth century the "passion of the Real /la passion du reel/"1: in contrast to the XIXth century of the utopian or "scientific" projects and ideals,Expand
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