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Albizosides D and E, two new cytotoxic triterpene saponins from Albizia chinensis.
Two oleanane-type triterpene saponins, named albizosides D and E (1 and 2), together with a known compound, Julibroside J(8) (3), were isolated from the stem bark of Albizia chinensis. The structuresExpand
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Thiophenes, polyacetylenes and terpenes from the aerial parts of Eclipata prostrate.
One new bithiophenes, 5-(but-3-yne-1,2-diol)-50-hydroxy-methyl-2,20-bithiophene (2), two new polyacetylenic glucosides, 3-O-b-D-glucopyranosyloxy-1-hydroxy-4E,6E-tetradecene-8,10,12-triyne (8),Expand
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Seven new steroidal glycosides from the roots of Cynanchum forrestii
Seven new steroidal glycosides, cynaforrosides K (1), L (2), M (3), N (4), and Q (7), based on a 13,14:14,15-disecopregnane-type aglycone, and cynaforrosides O (5) and P (6) with aExpand
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Thiodiketopiperazines produced by the endophytic fungus Epicoccum nigrum.
Thirteen new thiodiketopiperazines, epicoccin I (1), ent-epicoccin G (2), and epicoccins J-T (3-13), together with six known diketopiperazines (14-19), have been isolated from the endophytic fungusExpand
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Indole alkaloids and quassinoids from the stems of Brucea mollis.
Seven new indole alkaloids, bruceollines H-N (1-7), three new quassinoids, yadanziolides T-V (10-12), and four known analogues, bruceolline E (8), bruceolline F (9), bruceine D (13), and yadanziolideExpand
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Diketopiperazine Alkaloids Produced by the Endophytic Fungus Aspergillus fumigatus from the Stem of Erythrophloeum fordii Oliv.
Four new diketopiperazine alkaloids, rel-(8R)-9-hydroxy-8-methoxy-18-epi-fumitremorgin C (1), rel-(8S)-19,20-dihydro-9,20-dihydroxy-8-methoxy-9,18-di-epi-fumitremorgin C (2),Expand
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Grayanoids from the Ericaceae family: structures, biological activities and mechanism of action
Grayanoids, occurring exclusively in Ericaceae plants, are well-known highly toxic components from the genera Rhododendron, Pieris, Leucothoe, Craibiodendron, Lyonia, Kalmia, etc. Grayanoids haveExpand
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Rapid structural determination of new trace cassaine-type diterpenoid amides in fractions from Erythrophleum fordii by liquid chromatography-diode-array detection/electrospray ionization tandem mass
Electrospray ionization multi-stage tandem mass spectrometry (ESI-MSn), and combination with HPLC (HPLC/ESI-MSn), have been extensively applied to on-line analysis of natural products. Hyphenation ofExpand
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Antiviral spirooliganones A and B with unprecedented skeletons from the roots of Illicium oligandrum.
  • S. Ma, R. Gao, +10 authors S. Yu
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  • Organic letters
  • 12 August 2013
Two novel spirooliganones A (1) and (2), a pair of spiro carbon epimers, with a rare dioxaspiro skeleton were isolated from the roots of Illicium oligandrum. The structures were fully determined byExpand
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Bioactive sesquiterpenoids from the roots of Artabotrys hexapetalus
Abstract Seven pairs of sesquiterpenes (1a/1b–7a/7b), a new peroxy-bridge sesquiterpene (8), and a new peroxy-bridge norsesquiterpene (9), together with five known compounds, were isolated from theExpand
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