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The Molten Salt Coal Gasification Process
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Electrodeless Determination of Electrical Conductivities of Melts at Elevated Temperatures
An electrodeless method for measuring the electrical conductivities of metallic and semiconductor melts at elevated temperatures is described. The transformer ``eddy current'' method, which wasExpand
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Electrical Conductivities of Molten Bi–BiI3 Solutions
The electrical conductivities of Bi–BiI3 solutions were measured above the consolute temperature over the entire composition range. The specific conductance increases continuously and monotonicallyExpand
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The phase diagrams of the Bi-BiBr/sub 3/ and Bi-Bil/sub 3/ sys tems were determined. The experimental techniques included samplthg at temperature, visual observations, conventional thermal analyses,Expand
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Negative Temperature Coefficients of Electrical Conductance in Molten Salts
The electrical conductivities of molten CuCl, HgCl2, HgBr2, SnCl2, InI3, ZnI2, ZnCl2, TlCl, TlBr, TlI, and HgI2 were measured to temperatures as high as 1200°C. Maxima in conductivity as theExpand
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Excess Entropy of Mixing of Liquids
An expression for the excess entropy for mixing isothermally two liquids was obtained from the entropy of mixing two fluids of rigid spheres, each at the volume of the corresponding liquidExpand
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Graphite oxidation in molten sodium carbonate
Abstract The oxidation of spectroscopic grade graphite using air or oxygen in molten sodium carbonate was investigated at 900, 1000 and 1050†C. The oxidation rate increased with increasingExpand
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