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The RETC code for quantifying the hydraulic functions of unsaturated soils
This report describes the RETC computer code for analyzing the soil water retention and hydraulic conductivity functions of unsaturated soils. These hydraulic properties are key parameters in any
Physical factors affecting the transport and fate of colloids in saturated porous media
Saturated soil column experiments were conducted to explore the influence of colloid size and soil grain size distribution characteristics on the transport and fate of colloid particles in saturated
Significance of straining in colloid deposition: Evidence and implications
Considerable research suggests that colloid deposition in porous media is frequently not consistent with filtration theory predictions under unfavorable attachment conditions. Filtration theory was
Modeling colloid attachment, straining, and exclusion in saturated porous media.
Numerical experiments indicated that increasing the colloid excluded volume of the pore space resulted in earlier breakthrough and higher peak effluent concentrations as a result of higher pore water velocities and lower residence times, respectively.
Effect of propargyl bromide and 1,3-dichloropropene on microbial communities in an organically amended soil.
The results suggest that it may be feasible to reduce the impact of fumigant pesticides on soil microbial populations by stimulating microbial community structure, diversity and activity through the addition of organic amendments.
Straining of colloids at textural interfaces
Although natural soil and aquifer systems often contain layers and lenses of contrasting soil texture, relatively little research has focused on the mechanisms of colloid deposition at textural
Modeling microbial fate in the subsurface environment
As groundwater is relied upon more and more as a source of drinking water, the practice of recharging groundwater with treated wastewater has become a more attractive means of replenishing depleted
Production of methyl bromide by terrestrial higher plants
Methyl bromide (CH3Br) is considered to play an important role in stratospheric ozone depletion, but its sources are currently not well defined. We have observed that Brassica plants can take up Br−
An analytical solution for one‐dimensional transport in heterogeneous porous media
An analytical solution for describing the transport of dissolved substances in heterogeneous porous media with a distance-dependent dispersion relationship has been developed. The analytical solution