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Heavy-ion collisions at the LHC-Last call for predictions
This writeup is a compilation of the predictions for the forthcoming Heavy Ion Program at the Large Hadron Collider, as presented at the CERN Theory Institute 'Heavy Ion Collisions at the LHC - LastExpand
Heavy baryon/meson ratios in relativistic heavy ion collisions
Heavy baryon/meson ratios Λc/D 0 and Λb/B̄ 0 in relativistic heavy ion collisions are studied in the quark coalescence model. For heavy baryons, we include production from coalescence of heavy quarksExpand
Kondo phase diagram of quark matter
Abstract We find a novel type of phase, “the Kondo phase,” in a quark matter containing heavy quarks as impurities. This phase allows the QCD Kondo effect to occur between a light quark (ψ) and aExpand
Heavy Hadrons in Nuclear Matter
Current studies on heavy hadrons in nuclear medium are reviewed with a summary of the basic theoretical concepts of QCD, namely chiral symmetry, heavy quark spin symmetry, and the effectiveExpand
Lambdac enhancement from strongly coupled quark-gluon plasma.
In the coalescence model, the Lambdac/D yield ratio is enhanced substantially due to the diquark correlation, and it is argued that the direct two-body collision between a c quark and a [ud] diquarks would lead to an enhanced Lambdacs production in comparison with the normal three- body collision. Expand
Structure of charmed baryons studied by pionic decays
We investigate the decays of the charmed baryons aiming at the systematic understanding of hadron internal structures based on the quark model by paying attention to heavy quark symmetry. We evaluateExpand
Exotic Mesons with Hidden Bottom near Thresholds
We discuss exotic meson spectroscopy near open bottom thresholds. Assuming the exotic mesons as \({B^{(\ast)}\bar{B}^{(\ast)}}\) molecular states, we study the interaction among two heavy mesons inExpand
Exotic baryons from a heavy meson and a nucleon -- Negative parity states --
We study heavy baryons with an exotic flavor quantum number formed by a heavy meson and a nucleon ($\overline{D}N$ and $BN$) through a long range one pion exchange interaction. The bound state foundExpand
Topology and stability of the Kondo phase in quark matter
We investigate properties of the ground state of a light quark matter with heavy quark impurities. This system exhibits the "QCD Kondo effect" where the interaction strength between a light quarkExpand
Exotic nuclei with open heavy flavor mesons
We propose stable exotic nuclei bound with D and B mesons with respect to heavy quark symmetry. We indicate that an approximate degeneracy of D(B) and D*(B*) mesons plays an important role, andExpand