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Anaesthesia in the prone position.
The aims of this review are to identify the risks associated with prone positioning and how these risks may be anticipated and minimized and the published techniques for various practical procedures in this position. Expand
Angina bullosa haemorrhagica presenting as acute upper airway obstruction.
We report a case of acute upper airway obstruction caused by a rapidly expanding blood-filled bulla in the oropharynx (angina bullosa haemorrhagica), requiring tracheal intubation. The larynx couldExpand
The effects of capsaicin upon electrogenic ion transport in rat descending colon
Preparations of rat descending colon mucosa have been used to record changes in short circuit current (SCC) under voltage clamp conditions, and desensitisation of the initial secretory response and antisecretory responses remained, and were significantly larger compared with responses from control tissues. Expand
Transposition of the great vessels: a series of three cases with a review of the literature.
Three women who required anaesthetic management for labour analgesia, instrumental delivery and evacuation of retained products are presented and the literature is reviewed with regard to anaesthetic techniques and maternal outcome. Expand
Recent trends in tracheal intubation: a retrospective analysis of 97 904 cases
There was considerable variation across surgical specialities, with the greatest decline in tracheal intubation in head and neck surgery, and changes in practice have implications for the teaching of airway management skills. Expand
Pharmacological characterisation of neurokinin receptors mediating anion secretion in rat descending colon mucosa
Three types of neurokinin receptor exist in preparations of rat colon mucosa and their relative location within neuronal and epithelial surfaces are discussed. Expand
Hospital‐acquired infections
General anaesthesia and the photosternutatory reflex
Understanding patient choices regarding breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer
Greater provision of information prior to mastectomy is critical to underpin breast cancer patients’ decisions about breast reconstruction, especially for non-English speaking patients. Expand
Saints and their communities : miracle stories in twelfth century England
1. Introduction 2. The Cult of St Edmund of Bury 3. The Canons of Laon and their Tour of England 4. The Miracles of St Ithamar of Rochester 5. Little St William of Norwich 6. The Miracles of StExpand