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Solar Energy and Housing Design
This is a set of two volumes which demonstrate how available sunshine can be used as part of site planning and architectural design to reduce fuel consumption for heating and to enhance theExpand
Microclimate development in open urban spaces: The influence of form and materials
Abstract The microclimates of open spaces in cities are highly influenced by urban geometry and construction materials. The present study reports on measurements of microclimate data taken inExpand
Street canyon design and improvement potential for urban open spaces; the influence of canyon aspect ratio and orientation on microclimate and outdoor comfort
Abstract Urban morphology and material properties are critical parameters in the formation of outdoor microclimates and their effects on the thermal comfort of pedestrians. Despite considerableExpand
The paper looks at the parameters affecting the urban microclimate and their implications for urban design and for thermal comfort outdoors and indoors. A series of case studies and design projectsExpand
Climate Responsive Architecture
Microclimate design for open spaces: Ranking urban design effects on pedestrian thermal comfort in summer
Abstract The paper presents a study on the influence of urban morphology and urban design parameters such as street and building geometry, landscape elements including vegetation types, waterExpand
Microclimatic Studies of Urban Open Spaces in Northern Greece
This paper focuses on the microclimatic features of open spaces in the centre of urban blocks and their microclimatic effects on the adjoining buildings and on the parent city at large. The paperExpand
491: Microclimate and Urban Form in Dubai
This paper presents the results of measurements taken in Dubai in July 2007, during the hottest period of the year. The measurements help explain how the built forms of the ‘Old’ Dubai (the Deira andExpand
A Comparative Study of the Thermal Performance of Building Materials
This study focuses on the environmental performance of a selection of buildings in the typical Central Anatolian village of Şahmuratli in Turkey. The objective was to search for affordable andExpand
Architecture city environment : proceedings of PLEA 2000, July 2000, Cambridge, United Kingdom
TOPICS INCLUDE: low energy architecture and city planning modelling the city environment comfort in outdoor spaces health and the city environment design tools case study projects renewablesExpand