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Vaccination of goats with recombinant galectin antigen induces partial protection against Haemonchus contortus infection
The efficacy of vaccination against Haemonchus contortus infection with two recombinant proteins, rHco‐gal‐m and rHco‐gal‐f, was studied in 9–10‐month‐old goats. Vaccination with 100 µg proteinExpand
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Characterization of HC58cDNA, a putative cysteine protease from the parasite Haemonchus contortus
Because of the complexity of the cathepsin B-like (CBL) family, an information on the biological and biochemical characteristics of individual CBL genes is lacking. In this study, we investigated theExpand
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HIV prevalence and its related factors among men who have sex with men in Beijing
Objective To study the prevalence and related factors of human immunodeficiency virus(HIV) among men who have sex with men(MSM) in Beijing.Methods A total of 500 MSM were recruited by respondentExpand
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Determination of Physiobiochemical Parameters of Blood in Argali
In order to understand the blood indexes of argali,the physiobiochemical parameters of in six argali were measured with auto hematology analyzer and semiautomatic biochemistry analyzer.At the sameExpand
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Study on Fertilizer Effect of Winter Wheat 3414 of Gaocheng City in Hebei Province
Based on ten "3414"winter wheat fertilizer effect experiments,the effects of N,P and K fertilizer on winter wheat were studied.The results showed the yield effects of N,P and K were different.The NExpand
Objective To explore the method of making the clear structure,bright-color and not faded easily stained adult specimen of Moniezia.Methods Delafield hematoxylin dye solution,the hydrochloric acidExpand
Test on the Anti-inflammatory Action and the Toxic Effect of Chinese Herbal Medicine Prescription
The methods of mice ear-swelling and granulation tissue hyperplasia of mice induced by tampon were adopted to study the anti-inflammatory action of pure traditional Chinese herbal medicine for dairyExpand