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Spontaneous waves of cerebral blood flow associated with a pattern of electrocortical activity.
The results indicate that a population of local cortical neurons, probably driven from subcortical pacemakers, when excited, elicits local cerebrovascular vasodilation in spinalized rats anesthetized with 1.5% isoflurane.
A new concept of dynamic orthosis for paraplegia: The weight bearing control (WBC) orthosis
A paraplegic who has tested this weight-bearing control orthosis has been able to walk without fatigue at a high speed for a greater distance than before and achieve a maximum walking speed of 34.1 m/min.
Three-dimensional regional cerebral blood perfusion images with single-photon emission computed tomography.
Twenty-seven patients were studied for cerebral blood perfusion abnormalities using krypton 81m, and this technique seemed to be useful for evaluating the regional cerebralBlood perfusion in the deep brain.
Microelectrode studies on sensory afferents in the posterior funiculus of cat.
Utilizing a silver microelectrode of5-10μE in diameter insulated by a glass coating, impulse discharges subsequent to adequate stimuli on various parts of the body were recorded from the cervical