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Silole-containing σ- and π-conjugated compounds
Synthesis, properties, and application of new σ- and π-electron systems consisting of the silole rings are described. A series of 2,5- and 1,1-difunctionalized siloles have been prepared based on theExpand
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Atomically controlled substitutional boron-doping of graphene nanoribbons
Boron is a unique element in terms of electron deficiency and Lewis acidity. Incorporation of boron atoms into an aromatic carbon framework offers a wide variety of functionality. However, theExpand
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Toward pi-conjugated molecule bundles: synthesis of a series of B,B',B''-trianthryl-N,N',N''-triarylborazines and the bundle effects on their properties.
As a prototype of a pi-conjugated molecule bundled system, a series of B,B',B''-trianthryl- N,N',N''-triarylborazine derivatives bearing various p-substituted phenyl groups (p-R-C(6)H(4): R = hexylExpand
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Characteristics of Hot Ductility in Steels Subjected to the Melting and Solidification
Hot ductility in steels was studied. Special emphases were placed on the effects of thermal history, strain rate and fracture mode in order to clarify the sensitivity of surface cracking during bothExpand
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Effect of minor elements on hot workability of nickel-base superalloys
AbstractStudies have been performed on the effect of five minor elements (S, Ca, Mg, Y, and Zr) on the hot workability of three solid-solution strengthened, nickel-base superalloys: Inconel 600,Expand
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Highly emissive organic solids containing 2,5-diboryl-1,4-phenylene unit.
We disclosed a series of pi-conjugated systems containing 2,5-bis(dimesitylboryl)-1,4-phenylene as the core unit and electron-donating amino groups at the terminal positions. The extension of theExpand
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Planarized triarylboranes: stabilization by structural constraint and their plane-to-bowl conversion.
Triphenylborane and 9,10-diphenyl-9,10-dihydro-9,10-diboraanthracene, constrained to a planar arrangement with methylene tethers, were synthesized by intramolecular multi-fold Friedel-CraftsExpand
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A boron-containing PAH as a substructure of boron-doped graphene.
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