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Handbook of aqueous solubility data
Introduction Solubility Data References Index 1: Molecular formulae Index 2: Names and Synonyms Index 3: Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Numbers
Solubility and Solubilization in Aqueous Media
This book aims to provide the reader with a working knowledge of the various means of controlling the solubility or dissolution rate of a drug or other solute in an aqueous medium. The book beginsExpand
Solubility and partitioning I: Solubility of nonelectrolytes in water.
On the basis of a semiempirical analysis, an equation was obtained that enables the estimation of the aqueous solubility of either liquid or crystalline organic nonelectrolytes: (see formula in text)Expand
Aqueous solubility : methods of estimation for organic compounds
Now, we come to offer you the right catalogues of book to open. aqueous solubility methods of estimation for organic compounds is one of the literary work in this world in suitable to be readingExpand
Estimating Pure Component Vapor Pressures of Complex Organic Molecules
Modifications of the entropy of boiling term and heat capacity change upon boiling term are made to the Yalkowsky−Mishra vapor pressure equation. These modifications eliminate a systematic error andExpand
Comparison of the octanol/water partition coefficients calculated by ClogP, ACDlogP and KowWin to experimentally determined values.
The experimental octanol/water partition coefficient data, of 108 compounds from the data set [Rytting, E., Lentz, K.A., Chen, X., Qian, F., Venkatesh, S., 2004. A quantitative structure-propertyExpand
Mass transport phenomena and models: theoretical concepts.
Estimation of the aqueous solubility I: application to organic nonelectrolytes.
The estimation of aqueous solubilities of organic nonelectrolytes by the General Solubility Equation (GSE) as proposed by Valvani and Yalkowsky (1980) is used in this study. The data and assumptionsExpand