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Interconnection networks - an engineering approach
From the Publisher: Addresses the challenges and details the basic underlying concepts of interconnection networks. The book's engineering approach considers the issues that designers need to dealExpand
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Neurocube: A Programmable Digital Neuromorphic Architecture with High-Density 3D Memory
This paper presents a programmable and scalable digital neuromorphic architecture based on 3D high-density memory integrated with logic tier for efficient neural computing. The proposed architectureExpand
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Ocelot: A dynamic optimization framework for bulk-synchronous applications in heterogeneous systems
Ocelot is a dynamic compilation framework designed to map the explicitly data parallel execution model used by NVIDIA CUDA applications onto diverse multithreaded platforms. Ocelot includes a dynamicExpand
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A Family of Fault-Tolerant Routing Protocols for Direct Multiprocessor Networks
Our goal is to reconcile the conflicting demands of performance and fault-tolerance in interprocessor communication. To this end, we propose a pipelined communication mechanism-pipelinedExpand
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A characterization and analysis of PTX kernels
General purpose application development for GPUs (GPGPU) has recently gained momentum as a cost-effective approach for accelerating data- and compute-intensive applications. It has been driven by theExpand
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Characterization and analysis of dynamic parallelism in unstructured GPU applications
GPUs have been proven very effective for structured applications. However, emerging data intensive applications are increasingly unstructured - irregular in their memory and control flow behaviorExpand
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Software-Based Rerouting for Fault-Tolerant Pipelined Communication
This paper presents a software-based approach to fault-tolerant routing in networks using wormhole or virtual cut-through switching. When a message encounters a faulty output link, it is removed fromExpand
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Keeneland: Bringing Heterogeneous GPU Computing to the Computational Science Community
The Keeneland project's goal is to develop and deploy an innovative, GPU-based high-performance computing system for the NSF computational science community.
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Adaptive routing protocols for hypercube interconnection networks
A taxonomy for characterizing adaptive routing protocols for hypercube interconnection networks (HINs) is presented. The taxonomy is based on classes of routing decisions common to any HIN. ThisExpand
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