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Vinca alkaloids
Alkaloids of Aconitum karakolicum
Structure of aconifine
The structure of the new alkaloid aconifine, which has been isolated from the tubers and epigeal part ofAconitum karakolicum Rapcs. has been established on the basis of the results of chemicalExpand
Circular dichroism of veralosidine and its derivatives
SummaryOn the basis of their CD spectra, the alkaloids veralosidine, veralosine, veralosinine, and veralosidinine have been assigned to the 25S series.
Alkaloids of Haplophyllum acutifolium
Summary1. The plantHaplophyllum acutifolium has yielded eudesmine, acetamide, skimmianine, and a new base with the composition C16H19NO, mp 122–123°C, which has been called acutine.2. It has beenExpand
Isolation of kopsinilam and ervincine
Methanolic extract ion of the roots gave 1.5% (of the weight of dry roots) of crystals of an iodide of a tert iary base with mp 249"-251" C (decomp. ) , [a]ll~ + 100.6" (c 1.1; water). Its UVExpand
Alkaloids of Buxus sempervirens
The structure of veralosine
ConclusionsResults of a study of the chemical and physical properties of the hydrolysis products of veralosine show that its most probable structure and configuration isExpand
Refinement of the structure of asperumine
Summary1. Asperumine has been isolated from the combined alkaloids ofSymphytum caucasicum.2. The hydrolysis and hydrogenolysis of asperumine has given heliotridine, acetone, and angelic andExpand
Isolation of apohyoscine and of 6-hydroxyatropine from Physochlaina alaica
hyoscyamine [2]. In the NMR spec t rum of (I) (in CDC13, 6 scale, JNM 100/100 MHz, HMDS as internal standard) there is a singlet at 2.40 ppm (3 H, N-CH3) , two one-proton doublets at 5.65 and 6.15Expand