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Frameshift Mutations in Repeat Sequences of ANK3, HACD4, TCP10L, TP53BP1, MFN1, LCMT2, RNMT, TRMT6, METTL8 and METTL16 Genes in Colon Cancers
Diminished ANK3 contributes to cell survival by inhibiting detachment-induced apoptosis. TP53BP1 that interacts with p53 and MFN1 that encodes a mitochondrial membrane protein are considered to haveExpand
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Endothelium-Independent Vasodilatory Effect of Sailuotong (SLT) on Rat Isolated Tail Artery
Background Sailuotong (SLT) is a standardized three-herb formulation consisting of extracts of Panax ginseng, Ginkgo biloba, and Crocus sativus for the treatment of vascular dementia (VaD). AlthoughExpand
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