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Identification of predominant environmental factors structuring benthic macro invertebrate communities: a case study in the Küçük Menderes coastal wetland (Turkey).
Macro invertebrate communities and environmental variables were assessed in the Kucuk Menderes coastal wetland area. The delta of the Kucuk Menderes River is considered one of the important birdExpand
The Oligochaeta (Annelida) Fauna of the Inland Waters in the Lake District (Turkey).
Two new records for the inland water fauna of Turkey are recorded, comprising 2 species from Lumbriculidae, 1 species from Haplotaxidae, 3 species from Enchytraeidae, 24 species from Tubificidae, 14 species from Naididae,1 species fromLumbricidae and 1species from Glossoscolecidae. Expand
The Oligochaeta (Annelida) Fauna of Yuvarlak Stream (Köyceğiz-Turkey)
Tubifex newaensis, Nais alpina and Nais behningi are new records for the inland water fauna of Turkey. Expand
Distribution of aquatic oligochaetes (Annelida, Clitellata) of high-elevation lakes in the Eastern Black Sea Range of Turkey
The dominancy and distribution of aquatic oligochaete assemblages and their relation to environmental factors using classification and ordination techniques and a significant positive correlation between altitude and the total number of individuals are suggested. Expand
The Oligochaeta (Annelida) Fauna of Topçam Dam-Lake (Aydın, Turkey)
With the aim of identifying the oligochaeta fauna of Topcam Dam-Lake, located on the north-western slopes of the East Mentese Mountains (Aegean region, Turkey), a number of samples were collectedExpand
A new species within the genus Marionina (Enchytraeidae: Annelida: Clitellata) from the southern Black Sea
Abstract A new species of Enchytraeidae, Marionina triplex sp. n. is described from an intertidal mussel bank in Sinop, southern Black Sea coast of Turkey. Marionina Michaelsen, 1889 is a widelyExpand
Oligochaeta and Aphanoneura (Annelida) Fauna of the Gediz Delta (Menemen-İzmir)
Seventeen of the species determined are new records for the inland water fauna of Turkey, comprising 25 species from Tubificidae, 17 species from Naididae, 3 species from Enchytraeidae and 2 species from Aeolosomatidae. Expand
Assessment of a Shallow Montane Lentic Ecosystem (Lake Golcuk, Izmir, Turkey) Using Benthic Community Diversity
The macrobenthic invertebrate community of a shallow Mediterranean lake (Lake Golcuk, Izmir, Turkey) was studied in order to (a) describe the intra-annual and spatial variability in benthicExpand