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The dyadosphere of black holes and gamma-ray bursts
The "dyadosphere" has been defined (Ruffini, Preparata et al.) as the region outside the horizon of a black hole endowed with an electromagnetic field (abbreviated to EMBH for "electromagnetic blackExpand
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Quark masses and mixing angles
Abstract Inspired by the vector-like phenomenon of chiral gauge theories at short distances, we postulate that the W ± -gauge boson has a vector-like gauge coupling in the high-energy region, besideExpand
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A model of interacting dark fluids tested with supernovae data
We compare the supernovae data to the predictions of a cosmological model of interacting dark matter and dark energy. This theoretical model can be derived from the effective field theory ofExpand
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The Dynamical Casimir Effect and Energetic Sources for Gamma Ray Bursts
On the analogy of the Casimir effect, we present an effect of quantum-field fluctuations, attributed to gravitational field coupling to the zero-point energy of virtual particles in the vacuum. InExpand
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A possible origin of the Wilson lattice fermion
Abstract Considering relevant and irrelevant high-dimension operators for ordinary and mirror fermions respectively, we show that the Wilson lattice fermion can originate from a spontaneous symmetryExpand
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Supercritical charged objects and $e^+e^-$ pair creation
We investigate the stability and $e^+e^-$ pair creation of supercritical charged superheavy nuclei, $ud$QM nuggets, strangelets, and strangeon nuggets based on Thomas-Fermi approximation. The modelExpand
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External magnetic fields in gauge theories
A general discussion is presented of the response of a gauge-field system to external magnetic fields, in the light of a theorem due to S. Elitzur. As a result a natural understanding emerges of someExpand
On fermionic vacuum energy
We quantitatively compute the rate and spectrum of spontaneous photon emissions, caused by the vacuum decaying when an external magnetic field is introduced. The spectrum of spontaneous photonExpand