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[Pharmacological studies of trilex on treatment of pharyngitis].
  • J. Jiang, S. Xu, Y. Kong
  • Biology, Chemistry
    Zhong yao cai = Zhongyaocai = Journal of Chinese…
  • 1 October 2000
Results showed that trilex had antipyretic, analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects and could be used to treat acute and chromic pharyngitis.
Treatment of cancerous abdominal pain by acupuncture on zusanli (ST 36)--a report of 92 cases.
  • S. Xu, Z. Liu, M. Xu
  • Medicine
    Journal of traditional Chinese medicine = Chung i…
  • 1 September 1995
The fungus Paecilomyces tenuipes(Peck) Samson was considered as the imperfect state of Cordyceps polyarthra Moller and grew rather well on natural substance and was easy to be cultivated, therefore it may become a medicinally valuable fungus.
[Effect of eel oil capsule on mice memory].
The results indicated that during the administration period, the eel oil capsule treating groups with dosages of 0.129, 0.387, and 1.161 g/kg obviously improved the learning and memory abilities.
[Isolation and identification of two steroids from Sinularia inexplicita].
Sinularia inexplicita collected from the South China Sea was studied with chromatography, two steroids were isolated and they were identified as 24-methylene-cholestane-3 beta,5 alpha,6 beta,19-tetrol and grogosterol respectively.
[Synergy and attenuation of cyclophosphamidum (CTX) activities by abalone polysaccharide].
The results showed that AP could markedly promote the inhibition effects of CTX on S180 and HepA tumor, enhance protection against leukocytopenia, decrease of spleen and thymus weight and hemolysin in serum, and bone marrow supression induced by CTX.
[Effects of abalong polysaccharide on the activity of the peritoneal macrophages and delayed-type hypersensitivity in mice bearing S180].
The results showd that the ablong polysaccharide promoted the phagocytosis activity of the peritoneal macrophages and delayed-type hypersensitivity in mice bearing S180.
[The pharmacognostical identification of peel of Gymnema sylvestre].
  • H. Zhen, S. Xu, X. Pan
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Zhong yao cai = Zhongyaocai = Journal of Chinese…
  • 1 February 2001
This paper reported the descriptions, microscopic UV and TLC identification of peel of Gymnema sylvestre and its applications in medicine and food safety.
[Effects of extract from Pegasus laternarius on the weight of immune organs and the antistress in mice].
  • X. Tang, G. Yan, S. Xu
  • Biology
    Zhong yao cai = Zhongyaocai = Journal of Chinese…
  • 1 June 1999
Extract from Pegasus laternarius Cuvier (PLE) could increase the splenic and thymic weight in immunity-suppressed mice induced by hydrocortisone or cyclophosphamide and could increase the thymic
[Studies on the chemical constituents of Adina rubella (II)].
Three constituents were isolated from Adina rubella. Their structures were identified as beta-sitosterol, quinovic acid, 3-oxo-urs-12-ene-27, 28-dioic acid.