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The challenge of evaluating a child bereavement programme
This paper will discuss the challenge of evaluating the efficacy of child bereavement services. Such services are being developed and it is essential that expansion is based on research andExpand
Predicting attendance at cardiac rehabilitation: a review and recommendations
Psychological models such Leventhal's Self-regulatory Model and The Theory of Planned Behaviour will be presented here in relation to cardiac rehabilitation, in addition to the research studies which have investigated their usefulness in predicting who attends CR. Expand
Increasing attendance at a cardiac rehabilitation programme: an intervention study using the Theory of Planned Behaviour
This study shows that an intervention in the form of two letters given to patients can increase the number of people who attend a cardiac rehabilitation programme. Expand
Deciding whether to attend a cardiac rehabilitation programme: an interpretative phenomenological analysis
Attenders were more likely to see themselves in control of their recovery and to view the programme as a way of taking responsibility for improving their health and reducing their chances of recurrence, whilst non-attenders used avoidance/minimizing coping strategies. Expand
Increasing attendance at cardiac rehabilitation
A simple cost effective psychological intervention was developed and implemented to influence patients' beliefs about recovery and CR, in order to increase their attendance rates at a CR programme. Expand