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Maximizing ecosystem services from conservation biological control: the role of habitat management.
Abstract The intentional provision of flowering plants and plant communities in managed landscapes to enhance natural enemies is termed habitat management and is a relatively new but growing aspectExpand
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Multi-function agricultural biodiversity: pest management and other benefits
Abstract This paper reviews two aspects of agricultural biodiversity. 1. The ways in which agricultural biodiversity may be increased to favour pest management are examined. At the simplest level,Expand
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Habitat Management to Suppress Pest Populations: Progress and Prospects.
Habitat management involving manipulation of farmland vegetation can exert direct suppressive effects on pests and promote natural enemies. Advances in theory and practical techniques have allowedExpand
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Recent advances in conservation biological control of arthropods by arthropods
Conservation biological control (CBC) aims at improving the efficacy of natural enemies and can contribute to safer and more effective biological control practices. Considerable progress in thisExpand
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Consumer attitudes regarding environmentally sustainable wine: an exploratory study of the New Zealand marketplace
Abstract Previous research has suggested that consumers are becoming increasingly concerned by the effects of conventional agricultural food production practices on human health and environmentalExpand
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The Value of Producing Food, Energy, and Ecosystem Services within an Agro-Ecosystem
Abstract Agricultural ecosystems produce food, fiber, and nonmarketed ecosystem services (ES). Agriculture also typically involves high negative external costs associated with, for example, fossilExpand
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‘Beetle banks’ as refuges for beneficial arthropods in farmland: long‐term changes in predator communities and habitat
Abstract  1 Significant differences in the overwintering densities of predatory carabid and staphylinid beetles and spiders occurred on an ‘island’ grassy bank habitat composed of blocks of AgrostisExpand
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The effects of floral understoreys on parasitism of leafrollers (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) on apples in New Zealand
Abstract  1 Field and laboratory experiments on the conservation biocontrol of lepidopteran leafroller pests were carried out in apples at Lincoln, New Zealand. 2 Apple understoreys were planted withExpand
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Enhancing Biological Control of Leafrollers (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) by Sowing Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) in an Orchard
Two successive trials were carried out in stone-fruit and apple orchards in the summers of 1994-95 and 1995-96 respectively to determine the effect of floral resources on leafroller parasitoidExpand
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