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Balkan Tragedy: Chaos and Dissolution after the Cold War
Yugoslavia was well positioned at the end of the cold war to make a successful transition to a market economy and westernization. Yet two years later, the country had ceased to exist, and devastatingExpand
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Socialist Unemployment: The Political Economy of Yugoslavia, 1945-1990
This political analysis of unemployment in a socialist country argues that the Yugoslavian conflict stems not so much from ancient ethnic hatreds, as from the political and social divisons created byExpand
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The Firm Is Dead; Long Live the Firm A Review of Oliver E. Williamson s The Economic Institutions of Capitalism*
Adding styrene and acrylonitrile and/or methylmethacrylate to an aqueous emulsifier system comprising a redox polymerization catalyst and an emulsified polyorganosiloxane having a molecular weight ofExpand
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Do the Root Causes of Civil War Matter? On Using Knowledge to Improve Peacebuilding Interventions
Abstract The normative and practical success of the 1990s campaign on the right and responsibility to intervene to stop civil wars should be acknowledged so that policy and research can move on toExpand
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Humanitarian war: a new consensus?
  • S. Woodward
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  • 1 December 2001
The NATO bombing operation Allied Force against Yugoslavia in March-June 1999 represents the final disappearance of the narrowing divide between humanitarianism and politics: a war initiated andExpand
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A European "New Deal" for the Balkans
around in Western policy toward southeastern Europe. With Yugoslav security forces out of Kosovo and the inauguration of the European Union's Stability Pact at the Sarajevo summit of July 30,Expand
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The Political Economy of Ethno-Nationalism in Yugoslavia
Alongside the real wars that tore apart the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia there has been an ongoing battle of interpretation. Were the wars caused by ethnic hatreds between nationalExpand
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Soviet Rehearsal in Yugoslavia? Contradictions of the Socialist Liberal Strategy
For a generation of East Europeans, party stalwarts, and Balkanologists raised to view the Yugoslav path as heresy, the current changes in the Soviet Union must present one of those great ironies ofExpand
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