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Topological insulator laser: Experiments
Topological protection for lasers Ideas based on topology, initially developed in mathematics to describe the properties of geometric space under deformations, are now finding application inExpand
Enhanced sensitivity at higher-order exceptional points
Non-Hermitian degeneracies, also known as exceptional points, have recently emerged as a new way to engineer the response of open physical systems, that is, those that interact with the environment.Expand
Edge-Mode Lasing in 1D Topological Active Arrays.
We report the first observation of lasing topological edge states in a 1D Su-Schrieffer-Heeger active array of microring resonators. We show that the judicious use of non-Hermiticity can promoteExpand
Coupled-Core Transmission Over 7-Core Fiber
We show combined SDM/WDM transmission over a novel 7-core coupled-core fiber over distances up to 12100 km for QPSK and 4400 km for 16QAM signals, with corresponding spectral efficiency of 21 bit/s/Hz. Expand
Topological Insulator Laser
We demonstrate a nonmagnetic topological insulator laser exhibiting topologically-protected transport. The topological properties of the system give rise to single mode lasing, robustness againstExpand
High-Spectral-Efficiency Mode-Multiplexed Transmission Over Graded-Index Multimode Fiber
We demonstrate mode-multiplexed $90\times 90$ MIMO transmission over all nine mode groups of a 26.5-km graded-index multimode fiber span, achieving a record spectral efficiency of 202 bit/s/Hz. Expand
Mode-Multiplexed Transmission Over 36 Spatial Modes of a Graded-Index Multimode Fiber
We show <tex>$72\times 72$</tex> MIMO based transmission over a 2 km long graded-index multimode fiber with a spectral efficiency of 72 bitls/Hz. Expand
Fiber chirped pulse amplifier at 2.08 μm emitting 383-fs pulses at 10 nJ and 7 MHz.
An all-polarization maintaining (PM) fiber chirped pulse amplifier system at 2.08 μm based on thulium:holmium codoped gain fibers is reported. An inhouse built oscillator emits pulses at a repetitionExpand
Mode-selective amplification in a large mode area Yb-doped fiber using a photonic lantern.
We demonstrate selective spatial mode amplification in a few mode, double-clad Yb-doped large mode area (LMA) fiber, utilizing an all-fiber photonic lantern. Amplification to multi-watt output powerExpand
Packaged 45-Mode Multiplexers for a $50-\mu\mathrm{m}$ Graded Index Fiber
We built and characterized a pair of 45-mode multi-plane light conversion mode multiplexers. Expand