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Extreme genetic fragility of the HIV-1 capsid
Genetic robustness, or fragility, is defined as the ability, or lack thereof, of a biological entity to maintain function in the face of mutations. Viruses that replicate via RNA intermediatesExpand
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A Novel, Dose-Adjusted Tacrolimus Trough-Concentration Model for Predicting and Estimating Variance After Kidney Transplantation
Background and ObjectiveGiven that a high intrapatient variability (IPV) of tacrolimus whole blood concentration increases the risk for a poor kidney transplant outcome, some experts advocate routineExpand
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Observations of Reproduction in Mountain Lions from Nebraska
ABSTRACT. Occurrences of mountain lions (Puma concolor) in Nebraska have been steadily increasing; however, reproductive activity in mountain lions has not been documented in the state. We presentExpand
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Motor adaption during repeated motor control testing: Attenuated muscle activation without changes in response latencies.
With repeated exposure to postural perturbations the human postural control system can adapt and create efficient strategies to counteract these perturbations. The Motor Control Test (MCT) isExpand
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Species-specific restriction of Bluetongue virus replication correlates to host resilience
Bluetongue is a vector-borne disease of ruminants caused by bluetongue virus (BTV). BTV can infect essentially all domestic and wild ruminants but the clinical outcome of infection differsExpand
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Recent occurrence of an American black bear in Nebraska
Abstract We report on a young male, cinnamon-phase American black bear (Ursus americanus) that was collected in northwestern Nebraska on 12 May 2008. This specimen represents the first black bearExpand
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Prolonged-Release vs Immediate-Release Tacrolimus Capsules in Black vs White Kidney Transplant Patients: A Post Hoc Analysis of Phase III Data.
BACKGROUND Black kidney transplant patients experience inferior outcomes compared with other ethnicities. Because scrutiny is required when immunosuppressant drugs are used in such at-riskExpand
High throughput screening to identify host-factors involved in RSV fusion
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the major cause of childhood respiratory disease; however, currently there is no licenced vaccine available and the only therapeutic, a monoclonal antibodyExpand