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Classifier Fitness Based on Accuracy
  • S. Wilson
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • 1 June 1995
We investigate a classifier system, XCS, in which each classifier maintains a prediction of expected payoff, but the classifier's fitness is given by a measure of the prediction's accuracy. Expand
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ZCS: A Zeroth Level Classifier System
  • S. Wilson
  • Computer Science
  • Evolutionary Computation
  • 1 March 1994
A basic classifier system, ZCS, is presented that keeps much of Holland's original framework but simplifies it to increase understandability and performance. Expand
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An algorithmic description of XCS
A concise description of the XCS classifier system's parameters, structures, and algorithms is presented as an aid to research. Expand
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Get Real! XCS with Continuous-Valued Inputs
  • S. Wilson
  • Computer Science
  • Learning Classifier Systems
  • 1999
A modified XCS classifier system is described that learns a non-linear real-vector classification task. Expand
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Toward the Evolution of Dynamical Neural Networks for Minimally Cognitive Behavior
This paper sketches one such agent, and presents the results of preliminary experiments on the evolution of dynamical neural networks for visually-guided orientation, object discrimination and accurate pointing with a simple manipulator to objects appearing in its field of view. Expand
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Classifiers that approximate functions
  • S. Wilson
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Natural Computing
  • 1 June 2002
The addition of weight vectors to the classifiers allowspiecewise-linear approximation, where the classifier'sprediction is calculated instead of being a fixed scalar. Expand
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Generalization in the XCS Classifier System
Generalization in the XCS Classifier System evaluation involved testing the program on all 64 inputs from the 6-multiplexer domain, so that the total number of inputs was 15,680,000. Expand
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Mining Oblique Data with XCS
  • S. Wilson
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • 15 September 2000
The classifier system XCS was investigated for data mining applications where the dataset discrimination surface (DS) is generally oblique to the attribute axes. Expand
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Toward a theory of generalization and learning in XCS
We analyze the different evolutionary pressures in XCS and derive a simple equation that supports the hypothesis theoretically. Expand
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Function approximation with a classifier system
A classifier system, XCSF, is introduced in which the prediction estimation mechanism is used to learn approximations to functions. Expand
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