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Patrons, Clients and Policies: Patterns of Democratic Accountability and Political Competition
1. Citizen-politician linkages: an introduction Herbert Kitschelt and Steven I. Wilkinson 2. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? The evolution of political clientelism in Africa Nicolas Van deExpand
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Patrons, Clients, and Policies: Citizen–politician linkages: an introduction
Since the 1970s, the “Third Wave” of democratic transitions has, by greatly enlarging the number and type of democracies, raised a host of new research questions on the dynamics of democraticExpand
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Votes and violence : electoral competition and ethnic riots in India
List of figures List of tables Acknowledgments 1. The electoral incentives for ethnic violence 2. Explaining town-level variation in Hindu-Muslim violence 3. State capacity explanations forExpand
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Measuring the Effect of “Ethnicity”
Most tests of hypotheses about the effects of “ethnicity” on outcomes use data or measures that confuse or conflate what are termed ethnic structure and ethnic practice. This article presents aExpand
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Patrons, Clients, and Policies: A research agenda for the study of citizen–politician linkages and democratic accountability
The systematic study of citizen-politician linkage mechanisms of accountability and responsiveness is challenging because we lack good comparative and historical data on both the exchanges involved,Expand
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Religious politics and communal violence
This volume offers political and institutional explanations for communal conflicts in India. The volume complies influential and lesser-known yet significant interventions to present the mostExpand
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Does Combat Experience Foster Organizational Skill? Evidence from Ethnic Cleansing during the Partition of South Asia
Can combat experience foster organizational skills that engender political collective action? We use the arbitrary assignment of troops to combat in World War II to identify the effect of combatExpand
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Elections in India: Behind the Congress Comeback
This article examines the effects of the unexpected defeat of India's Bharatiya Janata Party-National Democratic Alliance in the May 2004 general elections. The Congress-United Progressive AllianceExpand
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Army and Nation: The Military and Indian Democracy Since Independence
At Indian independence in 1947, the country s founders worried that the army India inherited conservative and dominated by officers and troops drawn disproportionately from a few martial groups posedExpand
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