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The Future of Small Farms for Poverty Reduction and Growth
"The people operating small farms in developing countries have to cope with the risks of these small businesses and have long faced heavy challenges. Today, these challenges are particularly severe,
Agricultural Productivity Growth and Poverty Alleviation
How important is agricultural growth to poverty reduction? This article first sets out the theoretical reasons for expecting agricultural growth to reduce poverty. Several plausible and strong
Future diets Implications for agriculture and food prices
The over-consumption of food, coupled with lives that are increasingly sedentary, is producing large numbers of people who are overweight and obese – primarily in highincome countries, but also in
How Special Are Rural Areas? The Economic Implications of Location for Rural Development
Despite on-going change, rural areas remain characterised by relative abundance of natural capital, and by distance and the relatively high cost of movement. They are also home to most of the world’s
FAC Working Paper 08. Can the smallholder model deliver poverty reduction and food security for a rapidly growing population in Africa
Given the high transactions costs of hiring labour of farms, diseconomies of scale can be expected when labour is relatively cheap and abundant compared to other factors of production: which may