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A static body of arbitrarily large density
We consider the static, spherically symmetric, perfect fluid solution for a given massm in general relativity, and show that its average density is bounded. We then show by an example that this needExpand
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Aircraft Structural Integrity Analysis through Fati gue Crack Propagation
The life of an aircraft depends mainly on the specific usage of the aircraft. The manufacturer defines a lifetime for the general usage of the aircraft. But with the specific usage of the aircraft,Expand
Geodesics in a Toroidal space-time
We take a three dimensional Euclidian metric in toroidal coordinates and consider the corresponding Laplace equation. The simplest solution of this equation is taken. Based on this we build a WeylExpand
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Proof for an Algorithm to Solve the Lane-Emden Equation of index m, (m?N)
The solution of the Lane-Emden equation is very important to understand the interior stellar structure, and is of great importance in Mathematics since the equation of index grater than oneExpand
An interior solution of constant density to Gurses metric
We give here an interior metric which matches Gurses metric. The metric given here is a sphere of electrically counterpoised dust (ECD) of constant density. We use Lane Emden equation for obtainingExpand
Concerning metrics of the Weyl type