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Feeding rates of macro- and microzooplankton on heterotrophic nanoflagellates
Thirteen metazooplankton and three ciliate species were examined for their ability to prey on heterotrophic nanoflagellates (HNF). Grazing losses of two species of HNF, Bodo saltans (kinetoplastid)Expand
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Grazing during early spring in the Gulf of Aqaba and the northern Red Sea
Zooplankton grazing on bacterio- and phytoplankton was studied in the Gulf of Aqaba and the Northern Red Sea during Meteor Cruise Me 44-2 in February-March 1999. Protozoan graz- ing onExpand
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In periphyton communities, autotrophic algae and prokaryotes live in close spatial proximity to heterotrophic components such as bacteria and micro- and meiofauna. In factorial field experiments, weExpand
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Foodweb response to the experimental manipulations of a benthivore (Cyprinus carpio), zooplanktivore (Menidia beryllina) and benthic insects.
We experimentally manipulated key components of benthic and water column foodwebs in 18 large outdoor tanks to test the hypothesis that these foodwebs are strongly coupled
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The direct and indirect impact of Daphnia and Cyclops on a freshwater microbial food web.
Experiments were conducted in a mesotrophic North German lake to examine the influence of metazoan zooplankton on the microbial food web. The presence and absence of Daphnia and Cyclops wereExpand
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Benthic–pelagic coupling: a comparison of the community structure of benthic and planktonic heterotrophic protists in shallow inlets of the southern Baltic
1. The taxonomic composition, abundance and biomass of heterotrophic protists (ciliates, heterotrophic flagellates (HF), rhizopods and actinopods) in the sediment and water column of shallow inletsExpand
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Benthic ciliate identification and enumeration: an improved methodology and its application
The study of the ecological role played by benthic ciliates is hampered by the lack of a methodology to accurately enumerate benthic ciliates with good taxonomic resolution. As a result, a techniqueExpand
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Community structure and seasonal dynamics of planktonic ciliates along salinity gradients.
The ciliate community structure and seasonal dynamics in a solar saltern of the Yellow Sea were studied based on 4 sampling dates and 8 stations with salinities from 27.7 per thousand to 311.0 perExpand
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