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Updated Expressions for Determining Temperatures and Emission Measures from Goes Soft X-Ray Measurements
Abstract{We investigate the conversion of the 0.5–4 and 1–8 Å soft X-ray flux measurements made by detectors on the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites (GOES) into temperature andExpand
Radio evidence of recent mass ejection from η Carinae
The luminous blue variable η Carinae is almost certainly a double star: a hot secondary in an eccentric orbit around a massive primary. Radio observations with the Australia Telescope Compact ArrayExpand
Large convection cells as the source of Betelgeuse's extended atmosphere
Supergiant stars such as Betelgeuse have very extended atmospheres, the properties of which are poorly understood. Alfvén waves, acoustic waves,, and radial pulsations have all been suggested asExpand
Guide to the Sun
1. History of solar observation: from sun worship to the space age 2. Solar interior 3. The solar photosphere 4. The solar chromosphere 5. The solar corona 6. The active Sun 7. The Sun and the solarExpand
The Chandra HETGS X-Ray Grating Spectrum of η Carinae
η Carinae may be the most massive and luminous star in the Galaxy and is suspected to be a massive colliding-wind binary system. The Chandra X-ray observatory has obtained a calibratedExpand
Spatial Distribution and Temporal Evolution of Coronal Bright Points
We present a statistical study of the spatial distribution and temporal evolution of coronal bright points (BPs) by analyzing a continuous set of observations of a quiet-Sun region of size 780′′ ×Expand
Hard X-ray emission from the solar corona
This review surveys hard X-ray emissions of non-thermal electrons in the solar corona. These electrons originate in flares and flare-related processes. Hard X-ray emission is the most directExpand
FORWARD: A Toolset for Multiwavelength Coronal Magnetometry
Determining the 3D coronal magnetic field is a critical, but extremely difficult problem to solve. Since different types of multiwavelength coronal data probe different aspects of the coronalExpand
Radio and Hard X-Ray Images of High-Energy Electrons in an X-Class Solar Flare
We present the first comparison between radio images of high-energy electrons accelerated by a solar flare and images of hard X-rays produced by the same electrons at photon energies above 100 keV.Expand
The Relationship Between Solar Radio and Hard X-ray Emission
This review discusses the complementary relationship between radio and hard X-ray observations of the Sun using primarily results from the era of the Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar SpectroscopicExpand