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Prevalence and Characteristics of Clients with Co‐Occurring Disorders in Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
This article reports on the prevalence of probable mental health disorders among clients entering outpatient substance abuse treatment, their clinical characteristics, and past access to substanceExpand
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As drug treatment courts have multiplied over the past decade, so too have research evaluations conducted on their implementation and effectiveness. This article explores the decade of drug treatmentExpand
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Drug Courts: A Conceptual Framework
Structural and process characteristics of drug courts may have a major influence on offender outcomes. However, despite the existence of dozens of outcome evaluations in the drug court literature, itExpand
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Social Networks of Homeless Youth in Emerging Adulthood
Little is known about the social networks of homeless youth in emerging adulthood despite the importance of this information for interventions to reduce health risks. This study examined theExpand
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Trauma, depression, coping, and mental health service seeking among impoverished women.
The authors examined the relationship among trauma, coping, depression, and mental health service seeking in a probability sample of sheltered homeless and low-income housed women. Results highlightExpand
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Risk Factors for Major Violence Among Homeless Women
Violence against women is a significant public health, criminal, and social problem, but survey research with a focus on homeless women's experiences of violence is limited. Using self-report dataExpand
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Utilization of mental health and substance abuse services among homeless adults in Los Angeles.
OBJECTIVES Even though psychiatric disorders are disproportionately present among the homeless, little is known about the extent to which homeless people receive treatment for those problems or theExpand
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Antecedents of Physical and Sexual Victimization Among Homeless Women: A Comparison to Homeless Men
Homeless women experience extensive health risks including physical and sexual victimization. Few studies that have gathered information on homeless persons have reported results separately for womenExpand
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Prevalence and co-occurrence of violence, substance use and disorder, and HIV risk behavior: a comparison of sheltered and low-income housed women in Los Angeles County.
BACKGROUND Violence against women, substance use and disorder, and HIV represent three significant threats to the health of women, yet little is known about the extent of these epidemics amongExpand
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Personal network correlates of alcohol, cigarette, and marijuana use among homeless youth.
BACKGROUND Youth who are homeless and on their own are among the most marginalized individuals in the United States and face multiple risks, including use of substances. This study investigates howExpand
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