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Transfusion transmitted Chagas disease: is it really under control?
The scope of this review is to cover the main transfusional aspects of American trypanosomiasis (Chagas disease), including the main strategies to prevent it through donor questionnaires, specific serological testing and alternative methods such as leukofiltration and pathogen reduction procedures, in order to increase the blood safety in both developing and developed countries. Expand
Serologic Testing for Trypanosoma cruzi: Comparison of Radioimmunoprecipitation Assay with Commercially Available Indirect Immunofluorescence Assay, Indirect Hemagglutination Assay, and Enzyme-Linked
At titers of >1:40, the RIPA compared favorably with other test methods currently in use, supporting its application as a confirmatory test, particularly in a research setting. Expand
High prevalence of GB virus C/hepatitis G virus RNA among Brazilian blood donors.
Investigation of the presence of the Hepatitis G Virus on a population of blood donors from S o Paulo, Brazil and its association to sociodemographic variables depicted an association with race/ethnicity, black and mulatto donors being more frequently infected and years of education, less educated donors presenting higher prevalences. Expand
Transfusion reactions: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
An international panel of experts provides a synopsis of the pathophysiology, treatment, and management of each diagnostic category of transfusion reaction using evidence-based recommendations whenever available. Expand
Blood group terminology 2004: from the International Society of Blood Transfusion committee on terminology for red cell surface antigens
The Bristol Institute for Transfusion Sciences’ Blood Group Reference Laboratory, Bristol, UK, is the world’s first and only facility of its kind to provide this level of expertise in blood transfusion preparation and interpretation. Expand
Neonatal transfusions
It seemed of interest to report and describe practice and policies with regard to neonatal transfusions at a number of different countries, regions or institutions. Expand
Measures to prevent TRALI
International survey on NAT testing of blood donations: expanding implementation and yield from 1999 to 2009
International survey on NAT testing of blood donations : expanding implementation and yield from 1999 to 2009.
International Society of Blood Transfusion Working Party on red cell immunogenetics and blood group terminology: Cancun report (2012)
The International Society of Blood Transfusion Working Party on red cell immunogenetics and blood group terminology convenes during the International congress in Cancun, July 2012 and presents three new blood group systems. Expand
External Financial Aid to Blood Transfusion Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Need for Reflection
It is argued that, while unintended, the foreign aid provided for blood transfusion services in sub-Saharan Africa has resulted in serious negative outcomes, which requires reflection and rethinking. Expand