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Proposal of a 2-Tier Histologic Grading System for Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumors to More Accurately Predict Biological Behavior
According to the novel grading system, high-grade MCTs were significantly associated with shorter time to metastasis or new tumor development, and with shorter survival time.
Accurately Predict Biological Behavior Proposal of a 2-Tier Histologic Grading System for Canine Cutaneous Mast Cell Tumors to More
A 2-tier histologic grading system was devised to improve concordance among pathologists and to provide better prognostic significance, and the consistency of microscopic grading among veterinary pathologists was evaluated.
Assessment of vertebral canal diameter and bony malformations of the cervical part of the spine in horses with cervical stenotic myelopathy.
Responsibility operating characteristic curve analysis of each method determined that the sagittal ratio method of canal diameter assessment provided the most accurate interpretation of cervical radiographs for diagnosis of CSM, with sensitivity and specificity of > or = 89% at each vertebral site.
Osteogenic gene regulation and relative acceleration of healing by adenoviral‐mediated transfer of human BMP‐2 or ‐6 in equine osteotomy and ostectomy models
A greater relative potency of Ad‐ BMP‐2 over Ad‐BMP‐6 is demonstrated in accelerating osteotomy healing when administered in this regimen, although both genes were effective at increasing bone at both osteotomy and ostectomy sites.
Effects of a magnesium adhesive cement on bone stability and healing following a metatarsal osteotomy in horses.
Both bone cements were biocompatible in horses, and Mg-cement may assist fracture repair by osteogenesis and fragment stabilization, and both are warranted on other applications and to define degradation characteristics.
Results of excision of thymoma in cats and dogs: 20 cases (1984-2005).
Results of this study indicated that most cats and dogs with thymomas did well after excision, and should be considered an effective treatment option for dogs and cats withThymomas.