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In vitro hepatotoxicity of the cyanobacterial alkaloid cylindrospermopsin and related synthetic analogues.
Cylindrospermopsin (CY), a sulfate ester of a tricyclic guanidine substituted with a hydroxymethyluracil, is a cyanobacterial toxin of increasing environmental import as it frequently occurs inExpand
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N-methoxy-n-methylamides as effective acylating agents
Abstract Readily preparable N-methoxy-N-methylamides couple in good yields with Grignard and organolithium reagents to produce ketones, and are reduced with hydrides to afford aldehydes.
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β-Trimethylsilylethanesulfonyl chloride (SES-Cl): A new reagent for protection of amines
Abstract The title compound, easily prepared in two steps from vinyltrimethylsilane, is a useful reagent for the protection of primary and secondary amines as their sulfonamides, which are cleaved byExpand
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Synthesis of Alstoscholarisines A-E, Monoterpene Indole Alkaloids with Modulating Effects on Neural Stem Cells.
A divergent synthetic strategy has been developed for stereoselective total syntheses of alstoscholarisines A-E, monoterpenoid indole alkaloids which are modulators of adult neuronal stem cells. AExpand
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An Alternative Procedure for the Aluminum-Mediated Conversion of Esters to Amides
Abstract A convenient method has been developed for directly converting esters to amides using reagents derived from the reaction of trimethylaluminum with ammonium chloride, methylamineExpand
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A study of the scope and regioselectivity of the ruthenium-catalyzed [3 + 2]-cycloaddition of azides with internal alkynes.
[3 + 2]-Cycloadditions of alkyl azides with various unsymmetrical internal alkynes in the presence of CpRuCl(PPh3)2 as catalyst in refluxing benzene have been examined, leading toExpand
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