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Identification of the neurotrophic factor sequence of prosaposin
Prosaposin, recently identified as a neurotrophic factor (1), is die precursor of saposins A, B, C, and D. The neurotrophic activity of prosaposin resides in the saposin C domain. We have pinpointedExpand
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Solution structure of human saposin C: pH-dependent interaction with phospholipid vesicles.
Saposin C binds to membranes to activate lipid degradation in lysosomes. To get insights into saposin C's function, we have determined its three-dimensional structure by NMR and investigated itsExpand
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Interaction of saposins, acidic lipids, and glucosylceramidase.
Activity of lysosomal glucosylceramidase is stimulated by two small glycoproteins, saposin A and C, which are, together with two other similar glycoproteins, derived from a single precursor protein.Expand
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The vnd/NK-2 homeodomain: thermodynamics of reversible unfolding and DNA binding for wild-type and with residue replacements H52R and H52R/T56W in helix III.
The conformational stabilities of the vnd (ventral nervous system defective)/NK-2 homeodomain [HD(wt); residues 1-80 that encompass the 60-residue homeodomain] and those harboring mutations in helixExpand
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Prodrug thiamine analogs as inhibitors of the enzyme transketolase.
Transketolase, a key enzyme in the pentose phosphate pathway, has been suggested as a target for inhibition in the treatment of cancer. Compound 5a ('N3'-pyridyl thiamine';Expand
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Position of the sulfhydryl group and the disulfide bonds of human glucocerebrosidase
Purified human glucocerebrosidase isolated from placenta was modified with [14C]-iodoacetic acid without reduction and digested with both protease-V8 at pH 4.0 followed byα-chymotrypsin at pH 7.5.Expand
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Non-charged thiamine analogs as inhibitors of enzyme transketolase.
Inhibition of the thiamine-utilizing enzyme transketolase (TK) has been linked with diminished tumor cell proliferation. Most thiamine antagonists have a permanent positive charge on the B-ring, andExpand
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Structural basis of an embryonically lethal single Ala --> Thr mutation in the vnd/NK-2 homeodomain.
The structural and DNA binding behavior is described for an analog of the vnd/NK-2 homeodomain, which contains a single amino acid residue alanine to threonine replacement in position 35 of theExpand
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Assignment of a human melanoma associated gene MG50 (D2S448) to chromosome 2p25.3 by fluorescence in situ hybridization.
To identify the chromosomal locus encoding this gene, 1 {mu}g of a human genomic clone (G23MG5), which is 17.25-kb and contains at least 2 exons corresponding to D2S448, was labeled with biotin andExpand
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Backbone dynamics for the wild type and a double H52R/T56W mutant of the vnd/NK-2 homeodomain from Drosophila melanogaster.
The (15)N relaxation behavior and heteronuclear Overhauser effect data for the wild type and an H52R/T56W double mutant protein that encompasses the vnd/NK-2 homeodomain from Drosophila melanogasterExpand
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