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Tracing Value-Added and Double Counting in Gross Exports
This paper proposes a framework for gross exports accounting that breaks up a country's gross exports into various value-added components by source and additional double counted terms. By identifyingExpand
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How Taxing is Corruption on International Investors?
  • S. Wei
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  • Review of Economics and Statistics
  • 1 May 1997
This paper studies the effect of corruption on foreign direct investment. The sample covers bilateral investment from twelve source countries to 45 host countries. There are two central findings.Expand
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The Role of Intermediaries in Facilitating Trade
We provide systematic evidence that intermediaries play an important role in facilitating trade using a firm-level the census of China's exports. Intermediaries account for around 20% of China'sExpand
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Fear of Service Outsourcing: Is it Justified?
The recent media and political attention on service outsourcing from developed to developing countries gives the impression that outsourcing is exploding. As a result, workers in industrial countriesExpand
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Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Tracing Value Added in Global Production Chains
This paper provides both a conceptual framework for decomposing a country's gross exports into value-added components by source and a new bilateral database on value-added trade. Our parsimoniousExpand
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The WTO Promotes Trade, Strongly But Unevenly
Contrary to the recent literature that concludes that the GATT/WTO has been completely ineffective in promoting world trade, this paper furnishes robust evidence that the institution has had aExpand
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Effects of Financial Globalization on Developing Countries: Some Empirical Evidence
The recent wave of financial globalization since the mid-1980s has been marked by a surge in capital flows among industrial countries and, more notably, between industrial and developing countries.Expand
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Quantifying International Production Sharing at the Bilateral and Sector Levels
This paper generalizes the gross exports accounting framework, initially proposed by Koopman, Wang, and Wei (2014) for a country’s aggregate exports, to one at the sector, bilateral, andExpand
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Intra-National Versus International Trade: How Stubborn are Nations in Global Integration?
This paper examines the home country bias in the goods market among OECD countries. An average country imports about two and a half times as much from itself as from an otherwise identical foreignExpand
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Yen Bloc or Dollar Bloc: Exchange Rate Policies of the East Asian Economies
One finds evidence of regional trading blocs, even after correcting bilateral trade flows for the influence of distance, GNPs, and other economic variables (which most other studies have not done).Expand
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