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Chain Migration and Information Networks: Evidence From Nineteenth-Century Hesse-Cassel
Chain migration was an important factor in European migrants' decisions in the nineteenth century. This article demonstrates that previous migrations have long-run effects and continue to impact theExpand
Occupational self-selection of European emigrants: Evidence from nineteenth-century Hesse-Cassel
Self-selection mechanisms are important because they shed light on what has been relevant to those who migrate, especially in the nineteenth century. Using new micro data gathered from emigrantExpand
To part or not to part: emigration and inheritance institutions in nineteenth-century Hesse-Cassel.
  • S. Wegge
  • Economics, Medicine
  • Explorations in economic history
  • 1999
Abstract Inheritance institutions in mid-19th-century Germany influenced overseas emigration patterns by affecting the amount of emigration and the type of emigrant. This study of emigration from theExpand
Immigrants and savers: A rich new database on the Irish in 1850s New York
ABSTRACT A new dataset created from the first 18,000 savings accounts opened (from 1850 to 1858) at the Emigrant Industrial Savings Bank in New York City is described. The bank was founded by IrishExpand
Migration Decisions in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Germany
Network strategies of nineteenth century Hesse-Cassel emigrants
Between 1820 and 1930 over 5 million Germans emigrated to overseas destinations, most to the U.S. By the 1850s the number of German migrants living in the U.S. was large, a consequence partly ofExpand
The Hesse-Cassel emigrants: A new sample of transatlantic emigrants linked to their origins
Over fifty million people emigrated from Europe between 1815 and 1930. Only a small fraction of these emigrants have been studied using data collected in their homelands. This paper presents a newExpand
Eighteenth-century German emigrants from Hanau-Hesse: who went east and who went west
  • S. Wegge
  • Sociology
  • Continuity and Change
  • 1 August 2018
Abstract During the eighteenth century, Germans from the Hessian county of Hanau-Münzenberg emigrated westward to the American colonies, and east to Hungary, Russia, and other parts of Europe. UsingExpand
Different Profiles, Different Choices: Mid-Nineteenth Century Hessians Who Emigrated to the Southern Hemisphere
  • S. Wegge
  • Sociology
  • Social Science History
  • 25 July 2017
Before 1890, German emigrants were one of the largest European groups to emigrate overseas in the middle of the nineteenth century. Most of them settled in North America, but a handful of GermansExpand