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[Effects of compression stockings on blood circulation in late pregnancy].
It was shown that the use of compression stockings causes a measurable improvement in maternal and fetal circulation. Expand
An orthostatic uterovascular syndrome--a prospective, longitudinal study.
A significantly increased number of spontaneous uterine contractions in the upright position is associated with release of the blocked venous return flow and restoration of normal maternal hemodynamics. Expand
Management of retrohepatic venous injuries with atrial caval shunts.
A general overview of abdominal trauma and retrohepatic inferior vena caval injuries is provided and a proactive plan to meet the needs of patients with these injuries is proposed. Expand
[Antenatal fetal heart rate with special reference to maternal posture].
It could be demonstrated that both fetal maturation as pregnancy progresses and differing maternal postures lead to significant changes in the fetal parameters. Expand
[Is orthostatic circulatory regulation more difficult in multiple pregnancy? Results of a prospective longitudinal study].
The hypothesis that in multiple pregnancies the greater uterine contents lead to more severe problems of return flow from the lower extremities, and that these problems tend to lead to lead a more pronounced form of uterovascular syndrome, was confirmed on the basis of the physiological data. Expand