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Chronology and dynamics of a large silicic magmatic system: Central Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
The central Taupo Volcanic Zone in New Zealand is a region of intense Quaternary silicic volcanism accompanying rapid extension of continental crust. At least 34 caldera-forming ignimbrite eruptions
Mesozoic-Cenozoic evolution of the North Patagonian Batholith in Aysen, southern Chile
A detailed Rb-Sr geochronological and geochemical study has been carried out on granitoids of the North Patagonian batholith in Aysén. The results for 25 plutonic bodies reveal a complex age pattern.
The Cretaceous Separation Point batholith, New Zealand: granitoid magmas formed by melting of mafic lithosphere
The Early Cretaceous Separation Point batholith of the South Island, New Zealand, represents the final magmatic stage of an extensive arc system located on the SW Pacific margin of Gondwana during
Antarctica-New Zealand rifting and Marie Byrd Land lithospheric magmatism linked to ridge subduction and mantle plume activity
Mid-Cretaceous igneous rocks of central Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica record a rapid change from subduction-related to rift-related magmatism. This correlates with the final stages of subduction of the
Mantle plumes and Antarctica-New Zealand rifting: evidence from mid-Cretaceous mafic dykes
Ocean floor magnetic anomalies show that New Zealand was the last continental fragment to separate from Antarctica during Gondwana break-up, drifting from Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica, about 84
Small and short-lived magma batches at composite volcanoes: time windows at Tongariro volcano, New Zealand
Many are volcanoes are characterized by frequent eruptions of small (<0.1 km3) volume. A key question is do such small events represent discrete magma batches or do these magmas share a partial
Geochemical Evolution of Intraplate Volcanism at Banks Peninsula, New Zealand: Interaction Between Asthenospheric and Lithospheric Melts
Intraplate volcanism was widespread and occurred continuously throughout the Cenozoic on the New Zealand micro-continent, Zealandia, forming two volcanic endmembers: (1) monogenetic volcanic fields;