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Motivating Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge Management Systems
Many organizations are using knowledge management systems (KMSs) to facilitate knowledge sharing. However, few studies have empirically investigated how individual characteristics and organizationalExpand
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Succession of phytoplankton functional groups regulated by monsoonal hydrology in a large canyon-shaped reservoir.
Liuxihe reservoir is a deep, monomictic, oligo-mesotrophic canyon-reservoir in the subtropical monsoon climate region of southern China. Phytoplankton functional groups in the reservoir wereExpand
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Cosmological information in weak lensing peaks
Recent studies have shown that the number counts of convergence peaks N(kappa) in weak lensing (WL) maps, expected from large forthcoming surveys, can be a useful probe of cosmology. We follow up onExpand
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Effects of local climate and hydrological conditions on the thermal regime of a reservoir at Tropic of Cancer, in southern China.
Thermal regime is strongly associated with hydrodynamics in water, and it plays an important role in the dynamics of water quality and ecosystem succession of stratified reservoirs. Changes in bothExpand
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Competitive biosorption of Acid Blue 25 and Acid Red 337 onto unmodified and CDAB-modified biomass of Aspergillus oryzae.
The performance of unmodified and cetyldimethylethyl ammonium bromide (CDAB) modified nonviable Aspergillus oryzae for removal of Acid Blue 25 (AB 25) and Acid Red 337 (AR 337) was investigated inExpand
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Constraining the evolution of dark energy with a combination of galaxy cluster observables
We show that the abundance and redshift distribution (dN/dz) of galaxy clusters in future high-yield cluster surveys, combined with the spatial power spectrum [P{sub c}(k)] of the same clusters, canExpand
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Biomonitoring for occupational health risk assessment (BOHRA).
Biological monitoring (BM or biomonitoring) deals with the assessment of individual human exposure, effect and susceptibility to occupational risk factors. It is a fundamental tool in occupationalExpand
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Abrikosov's vortices in the critical coupling
A necessary and sufficient condition is obtained for the existence of multivortex solutions of the Bogomol’nyi system arising in the abelian Higgs theory defined on a rectangular domain and subjectExpand
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Two-phase heat transfer and pressure drop of propane during saturated flow boiling inside a horizontal tube
Abstract Comprehensive heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop data of the two-phase saturated flow boiling for propane were obtained in a smooth horizontal tube at conditions covering massExpand
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