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Recognize Human Activities from Partially Observed Videos
We propose a new method that can recognize human activities from partially observed videos in the general case. Expand
Salient closed boundary extraction with ratio contour
We present ratio contour, a novel graph-based method for extracting salient closed boundaries from noisy images. Expand
Autosomal XX sex reversal caused by duplication of SOX9.
SOX9 is one of the genes that play critical roles in male sexual differentiation. Mutations of SOX9 leading to haploinsufficiency can cause campomelic dysplasia and XY sex reversal. We report hereExpand
Combining local appearance and holistic view: Dual-Source Deep Neural Networks for human pose estimation
We propose a new learning-based method for estimating 2D human pose from a single image, using Dual-Source Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (DS-CNN). Expand
Two perceptually motivated strategies for shape classification
We propose two new, perceptually motivated strategies to better measure the similarity of 2D shape instances that are in the form of closed contours. Expand
Video In Sentences Out
We present a system that produces sentential descriptions of video: who did what to whom, and where and how they did it. Expand
KinWrite: Handwriting-Based Authentication Using Kinect
We propose a user-friendly authentication system (KinWrite) that allows users to choose arbitrary, short and easy-to-memorize passwords while providing resilience to password cracking and password theft. Expand
Cryopreserved oocytes of infertile couples undergoing assisted reproductive technology could be an important source of oocyte donation: a clinical report of successful pregnancies.
BACKGROUND Surplus oocytes in assisted reproduction treatment cycles could be saved and donated to other couples. ICSI is usually performed for oocytes that have been stored frozen, consideringExpand
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Ilizarov Methods in the Treatment of Infected Nonunion of Tibia and Femur
Background Infected nonunion of tibia and femur are common in clinical practice, however, the treatment of these diseases has still been a challenge for orthopaedic surgeons. Ilizarov methods canExpand
Bone morphogenic protein-7 (BMP-7), a novel therapy for diabetic nephropathy.
BACKGROUND Bone morphogenic protein-7 (BMP-7), an essential developmental renal morphogen, is a secreted differentiation factor of the adult collecting duct. It activates receptors in the collectingExpand