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Domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking: Findings from the British Crime Survey
Inter-personal violence comprises crimes of domestic violence, sexual assault and stalking. These are important forms of crime and the government is engaged in a major series of policy initiatives inExpand
Gender Mainstreaming: Productive Tensions in Theory and Practice
The articles in this special issue of Social Politics take these debates forward in many significant ways. Most of the articles contributed to and drew from a series of seminars funded by the U.K.Expand
Complexity Theory, Systems Theory, and Multiple Intersecting Social Inequalities
This article contributes to the revision of the concept of system in social theory using complexity theory. The old concept of social system is widely discredited; a new concept of social system canExpand
Theorising Patriarchy
The concept `patriarchy', while being vital for feminist analysis, has been criticised for not being able to deal with historical and cross-cultural variation in the forms of women's subordination.Expand
The Cost of Domestic Violence
Domestic violence has devastating consequences for both the individual victim and wider society. It drains the resources of public and voluntary services and of employers and causes untold pain andExpand
Complex Inequality: Gender, Class, and Race in the New Economy
List of Tables List of Figures Preface Introduction 1. Restructuring Inequalities: A Gender, Class, and Race Perspective Part I 2. Configurations of Inequality: Intersections of Gender, Class, andExpand
Intersectionality: Multiple Inequalities in Social Theory
The concept of intersectionality is reviewed and further developed for more effective use. Six dilemmas in the debates on the concept are disentangled, addressed and resolved: the distinction betweenExpand
The European Union and Gender Equality: Emergent Varieties of Gender Regime
The implications of the development of the European Union for gender equality are analyzed through an assessment of the development of a path-dependent form of the gender regime in the EU. Two issuesExpand
Sex crime in the news
The newspaper studies seeking out the sex fiend sex crime in court sex offenders after conviction informing the public? changing legal practice?.
The cost of domestic violence: Up-date 2009
This report up-dates4the costs of domestic violence first published in The Cost of Domestic Violencein 2004 by the Women and Equality Unit of the Department of Trade and Industry. The estimates inExpand