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Multi-nuclide AMS performances at MALT
MALT (Micro Analysis Laboratory, Tandem accelerator, The University of Tokyo) is a service and research facility for elemental and isotopic micro-analysis using a tandem accelerator, which wasExpand
Current status and future direction of MALT, The University of Tokyo
Abstract MALT (Micro-Analysis Laboratory, Tandem accelerator) at The University of Tokyo is a research and service facility for elemental and isotopic analysis using a tandem accelerator for AMS,Expand
Purification and characterization of sulfur reductase from a moderately thermophilic bacterial strain, TI-1, that oxidizes iron.
A moderately thermophilic bacterium, strain TI-1, produces H2S outside of the cells when grown at 45 degrees C on Fe(2+)-medium (pH 1.8) containing elemental sulfur and L-glutamic acid. A newlyExpand
Long-term denudation rates of actively uplifting hillcrests in the Boso Peninsula, Japan, estimated from depth profiling of in situ-produced cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al
Abstract Depth profiling of in situ-produced cosmogenic 10 Be and 26 Al was applied to estimate the rate of long-term denudation on actively uplifting hillcrests made of weakly consolidated sandstoneExpand
Estimation of episodic exfoliation rates of rock sheets on a granite dome in Korea from cosmogenic nuclide analysis
We have measured concentrations of cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al produced in situ at bare bedrock surfaces of successive sheets developing on a granite dome in Korea and calculated the exfoliation rate ofExpand
Does lightning destroy rocks?: Results from a laboratory lightning experiment using an impulse high-current generator
Abstract To understand the destruction of rocks and changes to landforms by lightning strikes, laboratory experiments of lightning strikes were performed using three kinds of rock samples as targets.Expand
Exposure ages deduced from cosmogenic 10Be and 26Al produced in situ: application to granite domes and tors in Korea
Abstract The cosmogenic radionuclides 10Be and 26Al produced in situ were analyzed to determine the exposure age and to estimate the landform evolution of a granite dome and tor in Korea. Since theExpand
Design and performance tests of an efficient sample preparation system for AMS-14C dating
Abstract To achieve effective sample preparation for AMS-14C dating, an improvement on automated AAA treatment system has been carried out. The new method is in particular useful for the preparationExpand
Distribution of tailing minerals deduced from remote sensing data in Bor mining area, east Serbia
City of Bor is located in east part of Republic of Serbia. The exploitation of copper ore has been operated since 1903. Main types of the copper ore in Bor ore deposits are massive sulfide copperExpand