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The corporate social performance-financial performance link
Strategic managers are consistently faced with the decision of how to allocate scarce corporate resources in an environment that is placing more and more pressures on them. Recent scholarship inExpand
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Corporate Responsibility and Financial Performance: The Role of Intangible Resources
This paper examines the effects of a firm's intangible resources in mediating the relationship between corporate responsibility and financial performance. We hypothesize that previous empiricalExpand
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Institutional Owners and Corporate Social Performance
In this study, we hypothesize that institutions invest more heavily in companies with strong corporate social performance. Analysis indicated a significant, positive relationship between social per...
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Building a New Institutional Infrastructure for Corporate Responsibility
Executive Overview This paper describes an emerging institutional infrastructure around corporate responsibility that has resulted in the evolution of initiatives such as the Global ReportingExpand
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Parallel Universes: Companies, Academics, and the Progress of Corporate Citizenship
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Responsibility: The new business imperative
Executive Overview Businesses today are experiencing profound pressures to reform and improve stakeholder-related practices and their impacts on stakeholders and the natural environment--in short, toExpand
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Understanding Shareholder Activism: Which Corporations are Targeted?
This study provides preliminary empirical evidence that shareholder activists target companies because of their size as well as specific stakeholder-related practices. The data show that shareholderExpand
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Accountability in a Global Economy: The Emergence of International Accountability Standards
This article assesses the proliferation of international accountability standards (IAS) in the recent past. We provide a comprehensive overview about the different types of standards and discussExpand
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Social Entrepreneurs and Catalytic Change.
In the past few years, U.S. society has witnessed the proliferation of an increasing number of initiatives that have extensively used the media to capture public attention about an issue of socialExpand
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Strategic Issues Management: An Integration of Issue Life Cycle Perspectives
This paper explores, in depth models of issues management and uses public policy, corporate strategy, process models and multiple perspectives to understand the evolution of issues management and howExpand
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