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Abrupt Climate Change and Transient Climates during the Paleogene: A Marine Perspective
It is investigated the possibility that sudden reorganizations in ocean and/or atmosphere circulation during these abrupt transitions generated short-term positive feedbacks that briefly sustained these transient climatic states.
The distribution of Mesozoic calcareous nannofossils are tabulated for Holes 807C and 8O3D drilled on the Ontong Java Plateau in the western equatorial Pacific. Nannofossils were abundant but poorly
Early Oligocene ice-sheet expansion on Antarctica: Stable isotope and sedimentological evidence from Kerguelen Plateau, southern Indian Ocean
Sedimentological and stable isotope data from a pelagic sequence recovered from the southern Indian Ocean provide the most convincing evidence to date for short-term expansion of a large ice sheet on
Middle Miocene oceanographic event in the eastern Gulf of Mexico: Implications for seismic stratigraphic succession and Loop Current/Gulf Stream circulation
Analysis of ∼1,500 km of high-resolution, single-channel air-gun seismic-reflection profiles, correlated with two drill cores, demonstrates that the central west Florida carbonate-ramp slope
Progressive Cenozoic cooling and the demise of Antarctica’s last refugium
The long cooling history of the peninsula is consistent with the extended timescales of tectonic evolution of the Antarctic margin, involving the opening of ocean passageways and associated establishment of circumpolar circulation.
Upper Cretaceous Calcareous Nannofossil Biostratigraphy and Paleoceanography of the Southern Ocean
Nannofossil data from the Naturaliste Plateau (DSDP Legs 26 & 28), Falkland Plateau (DSDP Legs 36 & 71), Maud Rise (ODP Leg 113), Northeast Georgia Rise (ODP Leg 114), and Kerguelen Plateau (ODP Leg
Middle Eocene to Pleistocene Calcareous Nannofossils Recovered by Ocean Drilling Program Leg 113 in the Weddell Sea
Long sequences of Upper Cretaceous through Quaternary sediments rich in calcareous and siliceous microfossils were recovered at Ocean Drilling Program Sites 689 and 690 on Maud Rise off East
Paleogene Glacial History of Antarctica in Light of Leg 120 Drilling Results
The Paleogene glacial history of Antarctica has been inferred largely from indirect evidence of glaciation gathered from the oceans beyond that remote, ice-shrouded, and inhospitable continent. This