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The economic effects of constitutions: replicating—and extending—Persson and Tabellini
Persson and Tabellini (The Economic Effects of Constitutions, The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2003) show that presidential regimes and majoritarian election systems have important economic effects. Here,
How (Not) to Measure Institutions
The statement institutions matter has become commonplace. A precondition for it to be supported by empirical evidence, is, however, that institutions are measurable. Glaeser et al. (2004) attacks
Positive constitutional economics II—a survey of recent developments
Analysis of the economic effects of constitutional rules has made substantial progress over the last decade. This survey provides an overview of this rapidly growing research area and also discusses
The Effects of Competition Policy on Development – Cross-Country Evidence Using Four New Indicators
Abstract Over the last two decades, many developing countries have introduced competition policies. This paper introduces four new indicators on various aspects of competition laws and competition
The economic effects of federalism and decentralization—a cross-country assessment
This paper explores the idea that institutional details matter and that attempts to estimate the economic effects of federalism by employing a simple dummy variable neglect potentially important
Does Membership in International Organizations Increase Governments' Credibility? Testing the Effects of Delegating Powers
This paper analyzes whether nation-state governments can increase their credibility by becoming members of international organizations. Credibility is an important asset because it determines the
Determinants of judicial efficiency: a survey
Court delay has been much lamented about the world over. Judicial efficiency is one important element in keeping it under control. This paper surveys the available evidence concerning the
The Economic Effects of Constitutional Budget Institutions
There is a well-established literature analyzing the effects of fiscal institutions on fiscal policy variables such as budget deficits or accumulated government debt. We combine this literature with