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Direct measurement of local oxygen concentration in the bone marrow of live animals
These pO2 values change markedly after radiation and chemotherapy, pointing to the role of stress in altering the stem cell metabolic microenvironment. Expand
Correlation between intraluminal oxygen gradient and radial partitioning of intestinal microbiota.
A radial gradient of microbes linked to the distribution of oxygen and nutrients provided by host tissue is observed in an analysis of intestinal microbiota of mice and human beings. Expand
Oxyphor R2 and G2: phosphors for measuring oxygen by oxygen-dependent quenching of phosphorescence.
In vivo application is demonstrated by using Oxyphor G2 to noninvasively determine the oxygen distribution in a subcutaneous tumor growing in Rats by using the calibration constants of the phosphors essentially independent of pH in the physiological range. Expand
CENP-C reshapes and stabilizes CENP-A nucleosomes at the centromere
This work finds that CENP-C affects nucleosome shape and dynamics in a manner analogous to allosteric regulation of enzymes, and is a prime candidate to stabilize centromeric chromatin. Expand
A new, water soluble, phosphor for oxygen measurements in vivo.
Oxygen dependent quenching of phosphorescence is an optical method for non-invasive measurements of oxygen in the microvasculature of tissue (see 3-7,10,11). it is unique among the oxygen measuringExpand
Simultaneous two-photon imaging of oxygen and blood flow in deep cerebral vessels
2PLM of PO2 opens new avenues for studies of brain metabolism and blood flow regulation and showed the existence of diffusion-based arterio-venous shunts in the rat olfactory bulb. Expand
Frontiers in Optical Imaging of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism
Through multimodal combination of these optical techniques with genetic methods of encoding optical reporter and actuator proteins, the future is bright for solving the mysteries of neurometabolic and neurovascular coupling and translating them to clinical utility. Expand
Two-photon high-resolution measurement of partial pressure of oxygen in cerebral vasculature and tissue
This work reports to their knowledge the first practical in vivo two-photon high-resolution pO2 measurements in small rodents' cortical microvasculature and tissue, made possible by combining an optimized imaging system with a two-Photon–enhanced phosphorescent nanoprobe. Expand
Two new "protected" oxyphors for biological oximetry: properties and application in tumor imaging.
Two new phosphorescent probes optimized specifically for in vivo oxygen imaging by phosphorescence quenching are reported, showing high stability, reproducibility of signals, and lack of interactions with biological solutes. Expand
Cognitive “ Overshoot ” of O 2 Is Required to Maintain Baseline Tissue Oxygenation at Locations Distal to Blood Vessels
Anna Devor,1,2,3 Sava Sakadžić,1 Payam A. Saisan,2 Mohammad A. Yaseen,1 Emmanuel Roussakis,4 Vivek J. Srinivasan,1 Sergei A. Vinogradov,4 Bruce R. Rosen,1 Richard B. Buxton,3 Anders M. Dale,2,3 andExpand