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Review of ant based routing protocols for MANET
An overview of a wide range of ant based routing protocols proposed in the literature for MANETs is provided, finding it quite difficult to determine which protocols may perform best under a number of different network scenarios, such as increasing node density and traffic. Expand
A DFIG Based Wind Generation System with Unbalanced Stator and Grid Condition
DFIG still shares a large part in today's wind power market. It provides the benefits of variable speed operation cost-effectively. This paper investigates the behaviour of DFIG under unbalancedExpand
Latissimus dorsi muscle flap
The latissimus dorsi muscle is the largest muscle in the body, measuring up to 20 × 40 cm. The latissimus dorsi muscle is the largest single transplantable block of vascularised tissue allowingExpand
Synthesis of Nano sized Sm-Gd doped Magnesium ferrite and their Permittivity and Hysteresis Studies
In the Hysteresis studies, it was found that the saturation magnetization of Gd 3+ , Sm 3+ substituted Mg ferrites was higher than the unsubstituted ferrite and these studies were useful to understand the electromagnetic properties of these nano materials. Expand
Power-Aware Multiple Path Multicast Adhoc On Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol
A Power-Aware Multiple Path Multicast Adhoc On Demand Distance Vector (PAMPMAODV) for MANETs is proposed, which better resulted in load balancing, minimal power consumption, minimal packet delays and prevents unnecessary control messages. Expand
Removal of high density salt and pepper noise in color image through modified cascaded filter
A modified cascaded filter for the restoration of color pictures that are extremely corrupted by salt and pepper noise and random valued impulse noise is projected and it provides superior peak signal-to-noise ratio and image enhancement factor. Expand
Live Human Detecting Robot for Earthquake Rescue Operation
The project proposes an autonomous robotic vehicle that moves in the earthquake prone area and helps in identifying the alive people and rescue operations. Expand
Efficacy and Safety of Indomethacin in Covid -19 patients
Indomethacin, along with standard care, seems to provide faster symptomatic relief and prevent progression of pneumonia in Covid-19 patients and should be considered to replace paracetamol when there is no contraindication for its use. Expand
The toxic effects of phorate on early embryonic stages of sedentary polychaete Hydroides elegans (Haswell, 1883)
The results indicate that the early development of H. elegans is highly sensitive to phorate, and the mechanism of action of the pesticide probably acts on several intracellular targets based on EC50 values of the present study. Expand