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Identification of Some Factors for Use of Sodic Waters with High Residual Sodium Carbonate
Four typical sodic waters (EC×106=1560–3240; SAR=15.0–31.7; adjusted SAR=30.0–63.4; RSC 4.5–13.8 m.e. 1−1), which were reportedly in use for more than 7 years, were selected. Their effect on soilExpand
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Measurement of K shell photoelectric cross section of Ba K x-rays in Y, Zr, Mo, Ag, Cd and Sn
Abstract The K-shell photoelectric cross sections of Ba K X-rays in Y, Zr, Mo, Ag, Cd and Sn have been measured. The measured values of the cross sections agree fairly well with the calculated valuesExpand
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Staff Development: A Systematic Approach.
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A New Modified Orbitron Pump
A new modified orbitron pump is described. The pump employs two filaments. One filament is utilised to inject electrons in the radial electrostatic field with an aim to sublime titanium cylinders onExpand
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Thermal effects in gas absorption
The transformation of the energy equation from the mass average to the volume average reference frame exposes a pseudo Dufour effect. The theoretical model for absorption into a stagnant liquidExpand
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